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Scientific studies had find that the skin’s Ph of those in the state of seeing, knowing or sensing, is alkaline, close to or higher than 7,5

Then, does it mean that if we artificially raise the Ph level can we access the ideal physical place to perform these activities? Obviously it does not lead to these acts by itself, as a drug or power plant would do, but what really does is to align the body with the possibility, fortifying the cocoon.

Melatonin as well as DHEA lead to this alkaline state. I asked if melatonin is supplied artificially, then the pineal gland, the natural producer, would stop secreting it due to the exogenous intake from our side. He said no, this intake gears the gland, activating it.

Later on he told me that this two together were if not the best, one of the best sources of antioxidants for us. And suggested another possible use for these nutriceptics: rather than mulling over problems or projects in our heads, was infinitely better to wait for the right moment to access a silent meditative state with the help of them both; and from this place make the necessary adjustments, so to be more in synch with ourselves and our goals.

For a while I’ve been using Acetyl-L-carnitine, Phosphatidylserine, Piracetam, Ginko Biloba with superb results in their different styles and also with their combinations.

Whenever a particular more dynamic result is sought, the perceptoreflexive activity can be raised adding tea, mate or guarana for a more alert and charged the experienced; these are the three less harmful enhancers and any of them is surely fit for the results. Personally I’ve discarded coffee, although strong, on the long run is an unacceptable toxic substance.

I find Phosphatidylserine to be highly efficient to expand-reduce the area of reality focused; superb for studying of conceptual reading of books of power, very useful when practicing corpofilia and also enabler for the perceptoperception of the no-dream and the perceptual reflexion to find meaningful meaning in a movie or book, for example.

The experience got through Acetyl-L-carnitine I get an exquisite perceptual lightness that allows a full speed inflow of data and the residual state of lightness and precision to manage them. Useful as the previous phosphatidylserine, but with a more focused intellectual sense.

Never the less, this selection is part of my personal experience, results can be as different as different physical and energetic typologies, each would infer their own results according to their personal preferences.

Is advisable and interesting to know the pharmacological and pharmacokinetic of these nutriceptics, so the effect can be recognized with our attention.

These nutriceptics are not drugs, they don’t deplete as the plants of power do, they don’t tint the assemblage point with foreign consciences. They only supply potential energy that has been chemically encapsulated or synthesized (except Ginko Biloba) which are scarce through diet so we can boost our cognitive system to achieve a better functioning.

Besides boosting and stimulating specific receptors, this also works as a chemical and electrical conductor that enables the communication needed for higher speeds, seeding the field for new and creative neuronal routes that expands our understanding.

All these cognitive nutriceptics besides nurtures of good health, highly antioxidant power and notorious anti-age fighters, are well known for excellent results with proved cases of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease, Memory Disorders, ADD, Lack of Concentration, Senile Dementia, Depression, Premature Aging, etc…Among its many and beneficial effects has the possibility to repair the neuronal cell membrane.

Important: The content of this blog is only to be known as an informative tool for corpofilia practitiones and not as a way to cure any illness. The author refrains from offering direct or indirect medical advide and does not assume any responsability whatsoever for those that based on what’s written here decide to cure by themselves without the advice of the medical community.


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