Mental silence


To speak about Corpofilia in the area of high intensity physical progressive training known as “lifting weights” or “body building”, is necessary to go further away from the competition aspects, ludic or exhibitionist, to concentrate the attention in the correct execution of each exercise as technical sport (using learning material, videos from internet and/or advice from an expert personal trainer). But primely the fundamental energetic/perceptive aspects external and essential.

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It’s not about walking with the attention focused in the common perception from external data by our five senses, nor even accessing to conclusions using mental adjustments from opinions, analysis or internal dialog. The perception of reality sourronding us occurs from other centers; other bodies: Inmedate knowledge, direct and as a block.

It has to be done in solitude during the twilight and absolutely better if you have the chance to do it in nature. It’s during the course of this particular moment where the emanations of all that exist and all that is, step by step lose the rigidity, and slow and progressively turn into a more “fluffy” state, until reaching a point of “quantum crisis”. Attention should be placed in this occurrence as well as in the wind and the entities moving with it.

We call twilight the time between night and morning sunrise or after sunset to close a night. During which, the sky is lit but without sun. Light is produced because the sun illuminates the upper levels of the atmosphere. Light then is diffused in all directions by air molecules, reaching the person and illuminating everything around him.

“Our own life” starts with a complete takeover, to march and control over the tri-dimensional vehicle we have been given to manifest as an existence in this Earth; demanding total rights over it, a birth right exclusively of our realm.

For this takeover, we must first take our existential vehicle to its maximum expression within physical and intellectual, using what the nahuals call as “Corpofilia” Three routines in one, which achieve to place the physical body sphere on the highest of the assemblage point of the Earth or what is the same, to the collective human assemblage point. It is precisely from this platform where perceptual achievements as “seeing” or “dreaming” are normal occurrences.

The three common routines that Corpofilia encompasses are the practice of progressive high Intensity  resistance of physical exercise known as bodybuilding. On the other hand, synergistic and complementary to  the previous one is the correct and balanced nutrient intake within the biochemical metabolism (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, carbohydrates, proteins and lipids). And lastly and equally synergistic and complimentary to both previous, nutriceptic supplements within our daily intake that enhance longevity, health, agility, endurance and intelligence.

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The Sounds

Piano – Chakras/Colors

Male Voice

Female Voice

String quartet

Brings stability and balance all different frequencies of our mother earth. (The frequencies of herself and the frequencies emit for all micro and macro consciences, in all its forms and functions)

  1. Neutralize the discordant frequencies emitted by exogenous consciences, in the nine different attentions that shape our mother earth.
  2. They open attentional gates, between the second and fourth attentions and the third, ours.
  3. Accelerate the seven vortexes of the physical body (chakras or kis). The purpose is to achieve identical frequencies to merge our bodies and assemblage points to reach the totality of oneself.
  • We emit the sounds loud, visualizing the respective’s vortex, from the bottom up. For five times in total. The color that appears is the one corresponding to each ki or chakra.
    1. Purple (7th sound) at the crown
    2. Green (6th Sound) in the pineal or brow
    3. White (5th Sound) in the neck or thymus
    4. Pink (4th Sound) in the chest or solar plexus
    5. Yellow (3rd Sound) above the navel
    6. Red (2nd Sound) below the navel.
    7. Blue Sky (1st Sound) lower body in the urethra between the genitals and anus
  • Over time the practitioner will hear a new sound, the eighth, and himself will include the new sound on the daily practice, and besides he would visualize a luminous sphere one meter above his head.
  • Always make the practice at eleven at night in their respective winter schedule. If summer schedule changes, continue with the winter schedule.
  • After adding the eighth sound, each set of sounds will be doubled – up and down – five times.
  • Please experiment with the sounds using different musical instruments, lengthen your musical chord, combining instruments – is endless what we can do and achieve -. Post in the Forum Discussion your experiences and achievements, as reaching the eighth sound, etc..

Author of the routine: Domingo Delgado Solórzano

For further information about the sounds of power and its meaning, please click on the Percéptica link above or here.

The Nahuals’ Conjunction Part 1: The concentric nahuals

My companions and I met Domingo because since the first reading of his book “El nahual de cinco puntas” we knew immediately from our depths what to do. When the book was published we four were functioning as a power group from a few years already and knowing the unsettling fact that the woman I live with and I have a non ordinary configuration, a luminous sphere rather larger than normal. The reason of knowing this was that Sergio one day started perceiving energy fields, and since then we started training with him daily and for over a decade until he reached the goal of perceiving the human luminous density with the inside details easily, at any time and immediately. This fact surprised Domingo, not ever before was a case of someone “seeing” without the direct intervention of a linage, but the real treat was for us when Domingo announced that we all four had three and four compartments…that was really too much for our brains.