Scientific studies had find that the skin’s Ph of those in the state of seeing, knowing or sensing, is alkaline, close to or higher than 7,5

Then, does it mean that if we artificially raise the Ph level can we access the ideal physical place to perform these activities? Obviously it does not lead to these acts by itself, as a drug or power plant would do, but what really does is to align the body with the possibility, fortifying the cocoon.

Melatonin as well as DHEA lead to this alkaline state. I asked if melatonin is supplied artificially, then the pineal gland, the natural producer, would stop secreting it due to the exogenous intake from our side. He said no, this intake gears the gland, activating it.

Later on he told me that this two together were if not the best, one of the best sources of antioxidants for us. And suggested another possible use for these nutriceptics: rather than mulling over problems or projects in our heads, was infinitely better to wait for the right moment to access a silent meditative state with the help of them both; and from this place make the necessary adjustments, so to be more in synch with ourselves and our goals.

For a while I’ve been using Acetyl-L-carnitine, Phosphatidylserine, Piracetam, Ginko Biloba with superb results in their different styles and also with their combinations.

Whenever a particular more dynamic result is sought, the perceptoreflexive activity can be raised adding tea, mate or guarana for a more alert and charged the experienced; these are the three less harmful enhancers and any of them is surely fit for the results. Personally I’ve discarded coffee, although strong, on the long run is an unacceptable toxic substance.

I find Phosphatidylserine to be highly efficient to expand-reduce the area of reality focused; superb for studying of conceptual reading of books of power, very useful when practicing corpofilia and also enabler for the perceptoperception of the no-dream and the perceptual reflexion to find meaningful meaning in a movie or book, for example.

The experience got through Acetyl-L-carnitine I get an exquisite perceptual lightness that allows a full speed inflow of data and the residual state of lightness and precision to manage them. Useful as the previous phosphatidylserine, but with a more focused intellectual sense.

Never the less, this selection is part of my personal experience, results can be as different as different physical and energetic typologies, each would infer their own results according to their personal preferences.

Is advisable and interesting to know the pharmacological and pharmacokinetic of these nutriceptics, so the effect can be recognized with our attention.

These nutriceptics are not drugs, they don’t deplete as the plants of power do, they don’t tint the assemblage point with foreign consciences. They only supply potential energy that has been chemically encapsulated or synthesized (except Ginko Biloba) which are scarce through diet so we can boost our cognitive system to achieve a better functioning.

Besides boosting and stimulating specific receptors, this also works as a chemical and electrical conductor that enables the communication needed for higher speeds, seeding the field for new and creative neuronal routes that expands our understanding.

All these cognitive nutriceptics besides nurtures of good health, highly antioxidant power and notorious anti-age fighters, are well known for excellent results with proved cases of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease, Memory Disorders, ADD, Lack of Concentration, Senile Dementia, Depression, Premature Aging, etc…Among its many and beneficial effects has the possibility to repair the neuronal cell membrane.

Important: The content of this blog is only to be known as an informative tool for corpofilia practitiones and not as a way to cure any illness. The author refrains from offering direct or indirect medical advide and does not assume any responsability whatsoever for those that based on what’s written here decide to cure by themselves without the advice of the medical community.



(From “El nahual de cinco puntas” by Domingo Delgado Solórzano)

The rule speaks of a original or primary state of the energy and its second and thirdly structure.

Referring these to the forms, functions and the consciences.

It’s main feature is an unique concept of PLACE opposed to the space/time that permeates our perception of the world.

And begins like this:

The genomatergy is the ionization of the primary energy. That is:

The mechanics of the gestation of the matter.

The dynamics of the generation of the antimatter.

The mechanics of the emanation of the individual primarily secondary energy (conscience).

The dynamics of the transmutation of that to the independent state.

I. – Negative ionization of the potential energy.

1.- Matter in its diverse forms originates in different places in the universe. Matter originates from two opposed forces that compose the primary energy and spin around each other gestating in this fashion a negative and a positive ionization by themselves, in which one acts as dissolution or dissolutive to the other. This ionization generates a very intense heat (potential energy).

2.- This heat in time is fused to both opposed forces to gestate the matter. The place where matter originates acts for it as its place of origin, where upon formation starts to move in a constant expansion across the universe, where it’ll fulfill the finality assigned by the primary energy.

3.- This constantexpansion movement leads matter towards the potential energy, which coalescence also constant generates a fission-fusion. Matter’s fission generates vibratory energy. Then, there comes a time, matter is unable to keep this fission with the potential energy. So, to avoid its reintegration to the primary energy, matter generates a fusion that makes the previously fissioned parts to come back to it, generation on its way back, magnetic energy. In this fashion preserves the characteristics of its multiple manifestations. This corona is constant and proportionate to the body that covers and protects from disintegration, so we will call from now on bodies’ proportional vibratory constant or BPVC.

4.- The BPVC fusion with the potential energy generates an electromagnetic field egg-shaped around big clusters of matter.

5.- The fission from these electromagnetic fields with the potential energy generates radiant energy or cosmic radioactivity.

6.- Which upon fission with the potential energy generates another intense heat (antimatter). Antimatter besides emanate and generate knowledge, serves as dissolution or dissolutive element to the potential energy.

And so the replenishment process starts again from the matter towards the primary energy.

Synthesis I.

The Universe is lineal-finite and dimensional-infinite.

From the foregoing is clear, that matter once gestated, it protects itself, starting a movement to generate a fission-fusion or BPVC, which prevents its reintegration to the primary energy. And then with another fusion derived from the BPVC with the potential energy, generates an egg-shaped receptacle, where great agglomeration of matter agglutinates, which are confined and protected by their respective electromagnetic walls. These electromagnetic fields taken individually, are the limited three-dimensional concepts of longitude, altitude and amplitude, plus the organizing social concepts space-time or lineal-finite universe. The array of these electromagnetic fields that embed and define the finite-lineal universes is the concept of PLACE within the infinite-dimensional universe. The matter in its different forms occupy a place in the universe, the places are significantly infinite, then, the infinite-dimensional universe is of PLACE and the perception the infinite shift to rove and place it.

Synthesis II.

States of energy conservation.

Every place is a energy manifestation.

a).- Conservation of energy by matter.

Energy can be transmuted through its matter.

As BPVC is formed by vibratory-magnetic energy in constant expansive-contractile movement it is susceptible to change (transmutation). Since matter to remain in a place, has to vibrate its BPVC at the same intensity of the place; if transmuted by decreasing or increasing, will change its potentiality or if transmuted by reducing or expanding will change its place.

b).- Conservation of matter as energy.

Matter when transmuted increases its energy.

Energy when transmuted diminish its matter.

Diminishing the BPVC of matter, it reaches a point where it disappears completely from its respective reality, rejoining the primary energy; first as radiant energy or cosmic radioactivity and then as antimatter.

c).- Conservation of the energy as matter.

Energy when transmuted increases its matter.

Matter when transmuted diminish its energy.

Increasing the BPVC of matter, reaches a level of density so great that it becomes endless, impenetrable and indestructible in the specific reality that host it.

d).- Conservation of matter by energy.

Matter can move transmuting its energy.

Reducing or expanding the matter’s BPVC gets it dislocated from the place when disharmonizing its BPVC with the place that occupy, so it’s expelled from that place and attracted by the place that it belongs according to the new BPVC that has been applied.

From the previous four points is derived the rule of the universal vibratory-magnetic equality of place that says: “In the infinite-dimensional universe every place has its own BPVC… So for a finite-lineal form of matter to occupy certain place, it must have the same potential as the place. Every place is a manifestation of energy, which to differentiate from other manifestations generates its own BPVC. The places are energy emanations generated in the same fashion and at the same level as the vibratory-magnetic antimatter or Anti-BPVC. But unlike the ABPVC that when embedding positive energy or antimatter becomes positive as well, the places are neutral ABPVC, as they don’t cover anything, just themselves. Because of their neutrality, they serve as a liaison elements between matter (negativity) and energy (positivity)”.

Synthesis III.

The BPVC transmutation is carried in two differential levels.

Structural level: the BPVC’s decrease or increase is done in the finite-lineal, that is, at the horizontal of the primary energy activated as creation. The horizontal of the creation are the places where the primary energy gets negatively ionized. Therefore, where the potential energy generates its replenishment process.

Perceptible level: the BPVC’s expanding and reducing takes place in the infinite dimensional, that is, the vertical of the primary energy activated as creation. The vertical of the creation are the places where the antimatter generates its knowledge process.

II.- Positive Ionization of the antimatter.

7.-  Primary energy besides gestating the generator process of energy replenishment, emanates portions of itself through a contraction movement (positive ionization), using the potential energy as dissolution or dissolute element. This ionization generates more antimatter, which is the constant of this knowledge generating process, as the potential energy is the constant in the previous process.

8.- This resulting antimatter from the positive ionization (contraction) merges with the primary energy but already secondary because it is individual. Every portion of energy already separated, keeps the same characteristics from its origin: evolutionary-volitional faculties. Although subjected to the movements and laws from the generating process of the energy replenishment and existentially limited by the laws of the evolution-volition of knowledge. The existential purpose of these portions of Individual Secondary Primary Energy or ISPE, is to perceive (investigate, analyze, experiment, change, transform, transmute; etc…) the matter-energy through an evolutionary cycle in which the knowledge acquired previously would lead them to generate a ever increasing production of potential energy which will be absorbed by the primary energy for its support and also for the ISPE themselves. Because these, although individual and volitionally evolving in the matter, are an integral part of the primary.

9.- Now then, the energy when negatively or positively ionized suffers a differentiation and to keep the characteristics of its different emanations, constantly contracts fissionig and fussing itself, generating with this contraction a continuous unfolding of vibratory-magnetic antienergy, that covers, protects and separates it from the rest. In this fashion the ISPE’s generate their anti-BPVC, since they are one of the several emanations of energy, in this case positive or antimatter.

10.- When fussing the BPVC with its respective ISPE in a place of the antimatter with same BPVC, generated or not by this ISPE, will increase its positivity, which to balance its natural duality will exert an attraction over matter or negativity with equal BPVC, in this fashion the previously described fusion forms a triad of similar BPVC’s… The ones from the ISPE, from the place and from the matter, thus generating an element where a portion of matter will be vehicle of a portion of energy or ISPE, bounded by the occupying place. In turn, the ISPE will have total control of this portion of matter, which will project in its reality the characteristics of the ISPE that occupies it (carbon and silex conscienties).

11.- Once that an ISPE has finished its cycle as conscientie, it fissions with antimatter. This triadic separation of energy-matter with their respective BPVC and the place that occupy generates radiant antienergy or cosmic antiradioactivity.

The ISPE transformed in radiant antienergy fusses with the antimatter. The movement of this cosmic antiradioactivity when contracting to return to its origin point is what generates the fusion with the antimatter and from this, the generation of potential energy. Which contains the knowledge acquired during its volitional evolution in the matter.

Synthesis IV.

The vital will is energetic replenishment.

Replenishment is a photolithographic mitotic metempsychosis.

The primary energy assimilates knowledge, once analyzed it gestates and generates direct and indirect changes in the matter, through new generations of ISPE, to produce an ever increasing quantity of replenishing energy and knowledge. Therefore, the absolute concept of the primary energy stems from the vital mitosistic will about the knowledge of itself. An ISPE fuses in the matter bounded by a place. At the end of its evolutionary-volitive cycle it returns to the primary energy. But primary energy keeps emanating ISPE…in this fashion a photolithographic mitotic metempsychosis is carried away at a primary energy level and not at ISPE level, because its portions are constantly returning to the matter. From which it’s synthesized that both ionizations complement themselves to form the primary energy.

Ispean Transmutation.

Certain ISPE, given the right conditions, get to transmute diving into the primary energy before its separation from the finite-lineal. When they do, they obtain the absolute knowledge of the primary energy. From this contact, the ISPE is aware of its biparity: As individual energy and as primary energy. This type of ISPE it not absorbed by the primary energy anymore. By separating from the lineal-finite this ISPE generates its own ionizing cycle and becomes Independent Individual Secondary Energy or I-ISPE, from its transmutation it gestate and generates its own matter and antimatter, besides emanating its own ISPE, which will replenish it. Thus starts a microionization, which is absorbed indirectly by the primary energy by reflection-refraction over the vibratory-magnetic waves that the I-ISPE will issue when gestate, generate and emanating its particular nourishment. The reality of the carbon and silex conscienties, among them the homo-sapient, belongs to a I-ISPE, not directly to the primary energy. Our finite-lineal universe is part of a I-ISPE. We are part of a microionization of the primary energy.

Synthesis V.

The creation is the already constituted primary energy, but not the mechanical functions of conservation that performs once created which are: Gestation, generation and emanation.

Creation was undergo when the primary energy formed itself. Nothing created it and nothing will ever destroy it. Its nature is infinite. Upon finishing its formation and being totally constituted, creation was ceased. Since then only is transformed to keep the characteristics that brought it to be created. Therefore, no longer performs the creation function.

Gestation are the different changes that the primary energy undergoes by itself when positively ionizing (antienergy).

Generation is the expansion or output of primary energy negatively ionized (potential energy).

Emanation is the separation of portions of primary energy through concentration or the entrance of this positively ionized (antimatter). These portions keep intact their original characteristics and will only be affected and influenced by the different types of negative primary energy or potential energy they will engage in their evolution-replenishment.

The aim is to get the projected image of ourselves seated and the flame protuding over our head from behind in complete darkness, solitude and silence.

We get a large dimmension mirror, as bigger as you can (the mininum to get our image seated reflected wholly, if possible 12×12 feet)

A comfortable back chair, the objective is to remain seated with a straight back for a long period of time without physical extenuation.

A candle to be located behind our head when seated (a tripod for photography can be used, a bookshelf, cardboard boxes, etc…) in this fashion we would see our image projected in the mirror with the flame protuding just over our head.

Nuticeptic; Poison

Remove any type of juice, fruit juice and industrial shakes, along with all carbonated drinks as all known labels without exception contain huge amounts of refined sugars. To sweeten life, swift from sugars to honey and get informed about what is reactive hypoglycemia to really understand why graves, jails, psychiatric and law firms are fill to the brim.

Read the nutritional labels from any drink, food, snack, sweet, etc… Any type of sweetener used as a substitute from sugar is a real and true killer, to learn this names is to extend life: E95 or Acesulfame-K, E951 or Aspartame, E952 or Cyclamate, E954 or Saccharine an E955 or Sucralose.

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The first natural task undertaken by a polygonal cocoon from the first time their true nahual nature is revealed is to find the means to extend their life to the maximum, do so in perfect health and an optimum state of vital essence freely flowing through him/hers.

It’s a matter of progressively acquiring useful knowledge of anatomy, physiology, medicine, nutrition and nutriceptic.

Depending on various factors as the big band place where has been emanated or the area of the world it has been born, the place where it develops their activities, their education, culture…will have a more natural affinity with some of the variants of human health science and their different approaches as allopath, orthomolecular, naturopath, ayurvedic, phytotherapeutic, acupuncture, traditional etc…

Doctor Jill Bolte Taylor, an american neuroanatomist, suffered a stroke in 1996 which took her 8 years to recover.

In this talk, she explains the differences among the two brain hemispheres and invites us to perceive the world in a different fashion.

DRIVING through the countryside south of Hanover, it would be easy to miss the GEO600 experiment. From the outside, it doesn’t look much: in the corner of a field stands an assortment of boxy temporary buildings, from which two long trenches emerge, at a right angle to each other, covered with corrugated iron. Underneath the metal sheets, however, lies a detector that stretches for 600 metres.

For the past seven years, this German set-up has been looking for gravitational waves – ripples in space-time thrown off by super-dense astronomical objects such as neutron stars and black holes. GEO600 has not detected any gravitational waves so far, but it might inadvertently have made the most important discovery in physics for half a century.

For many months, the GEO600 team-members had been scratching their heads over inexplicable noise that is plaguing their giant detector. Then, out of the blue, a researcher approached them with an explanation. In fact, he had even predicted the noise before he knew they were detecting it. According to Craig Hogan, a physicist at the Fermilab particle physics lab in Batavia, Illinois, GEO600 has stumbled upon the fundamental limit of space-time – the point where space-time stops behaving like the smooth continuum Einstein described and instead dissolves into “grains”, just as a newspaper photograph dissolves into dots as you zoom in. “It looks like GEO600 is being buffeted by the microscopic quantum convulsions of space-time,” says Hogan.

If this doesn’t blow your socks off, then Hogan, who has just been appointed director of Fermilab’s Center for Particle Astrophysics, has an even bigger shock in store: “If the GEO600 result is what I suspect it is, then we are all living in a giant cosmic hologram.”

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